Heinz Lochmann

Timo Joh. Mayer

Marius Lochmann

Benjamin Eicher

In winter of the year 2012 the production company Lausbuben Films was formed. The young corporation focuses its work on the development and production of motion pictures. The core-team consists of Marius Lochmann, Timo Jon. Mayer and the cinema owner and producer Heinz Lochmann, such as Benjamin Eicher. First of all Lausbuben Films released the title „All Things Fall Apart“ starring 50 Cent in German cinemas. Beside other productions Lausbuben are also working in national and international trading of movie-licenses. After publishing this moving drama Lausbuben Films will come up in the next month with different thrilling and entertaining movies!

Lausbuben Films celebrates its refunding, together with Los Banditos Films, in the unique setting of the famous Adlon-Kempiski Hotel. The celebration takes place within the scope of the Berlin International Film Festival – here the top-stars of fashion, music and film come together every year. All rights from cinema to video can be served with our strong partners. Lausbuben-Films with its four heads has to show lots of experience within the scope of cinema, production, distribution and license-trading.

Young and perkily, but at the same time skilled and qualified the team steps up to the plate in the market.

Because in every one of us there is a little Lausbub.