50 Cent bei Wetten, dass... ?

50 Cent German premiere

Lausbuben Films GmbH ( Timo Joh. Mayer, Cinema owner Heinz Lochmann, Marius Lochmann, just as Benjamin Eicher) finally has him! One of the most successful musicians worldwide and a real cineaste is 50 Cent. Therefore, we have acquired his new film for Germany. With the 3 Freunde Film Verleih (www.drei-freunde.de) the curtain opened for the sportsman-drama „All Things Fall Apart“, from and with 50 Cent in the German movie theaters, on March the 25th ,2013. „All Things Fall Apart“ is a project of the heart of the musician, in which the rapper 50 Cent not only played the central character, but also co-produced and wrote on the screen-play. After 50 Cent's cameo appearance at „Wetten, dass...?“, “TV Total” and a bunch of press, our German premiere in the Delphi-Filmpalast in Berlin was a great success.