Die Lausbuben suchen Drehbuchautoren

Du bist Autor und hast schon mindestens eines deiner Bücher verfilmt (Kino oder TV)? Du bist auf der Suche nach einem ausgefallenem Projekt? Dann melde dich bei: mayer@lbfilms.de

Lausuben support Cinema for peace

„Die Lausbuben“ (LB-Films) support the Cinema For Peace Gala in February. As a partner of one of the most important charity-events in Europe, Lausbuben feel compfortably. Benjamin Eicher and Timo Joh. Mayer work hand in glove with Cinema For Peace to arrange the gala while the Berlinale even bigger and even more successful than before.
The team around Lausbuben support the Cinema For Peace Gala and are looking forward to suggestions and of course to energetic support of all Lausbuben around the world.
The Cinema for Peace Gala collects money for the Cinema For Peace Foundation that endeavors to promote worldwide peace and understanding through the support of cinematographic works. Film plays a significant role in highlighting inequality, injustice and inhumanity, as well as it offers hope and a vision for a better future. The central mission of Cinema for Peace Foundation is to provide support through the funding, production and worldwide distribution and promotion of film projects, which focus on humanitarian and justice issues, such as the prevention of diseases (e.g. AIDS), terrorism, ecocide, war, poverty and violation of human rights. The Lausbuben are glad that they can support such a terrific organization and hope that their example will produce more copycats.


Lausbuben are buying a film with Academy Award winner – Life of a King

The difficulty of children from social classes with lower educational attainment and of the reintegration into society for prisoners that are addressed in this movie is even red-hot here in Germany. With the movie “Life of a King” Cuba Gooding Jr. found his way back on the stage of serious drama. But how can you break out from a helix of violence, underestimation and permanent indifference? His own kids despise him, because after his 20 year prison term he has lost all contact to them. When he gets offered the possibility to teach children who are threatened with the same fate, he sets himself the task to point up a shift for these hopeless cases. “Life of a King” is a sophisticated drama for the whole family, which is entertaining and educational at the same time.


Lausbuben plans two movies in the Nu Boyana Studios

Two English-speaking movies with international cast are prepared in the Nu Boyana Studios in Sofia together with the Lausbuben Films GmbH at the moment. The Lausbuben, who are involved in international film trading as well, have gained experiences in the production renowned movies. Beside cheeky independent movies, they were the first to specialize on the production of documentaries in high quality stereoscopic 3D and real 4k. The Nu Boyana Studios distinguish them by outstanding productions with the latest equipment for many years. Great blockbusters like „300: The Rise Of An Empire“, „Conan“ or „The Expendables 1, 2 and 3“ were shot under the Bulgarian company, who is a daughter of the Nu Image and Millennium films.



The Nu Boyana Studios:

LB Films celebrated its 10-year jubilee during the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014

LB Films celebrated its 10-year jubilee during the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014.

On Saturday, February the 8th ,2014 was the latest legendary party with Germanys most wanted „ Lausbuben“ (rascals). was Like always, the notorious filmmakers from Stuttgart could attend with current stars and a jamboree in luxury locations. 

The LB Films family, an association of Lausbuben Films GmbH and Little Brother Film GmbH, celebrated its notorious festival, this time in the most beautiful ballroom in town – in the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin.

Under the slogan LB Films: A modern Classic we took our guests on a travel back in time, where we’ve liked to introduce to you our most exciting and most provocative projects of the last 10 years as well as the one in the year ahead.

In addition a great live performance of Milky Chance, real Lausbuben DJs gave the audience hell. Till late in the night there was dancing, partying and playing to the gallery. Hardly a star or a starlet let it slip to show up on the famous Lausbuben party.